Dear Leader,


Your institution is coming upon a significant milestone anniversary; a galvanizing event destined to produce purely positive outcomes and summon grand purpose during your celebration year and beyond. That you are in a position to help lead this effort is a rare privilege and responsibility, which your peers say is a once in a career opportunity.

Whether your institution is turning 50 years, 75 years, 150 years or beyond, your future stands on the principles and innovations that made your company the great institution it is today. Your past reveals the soul of your company and fuels your vision for what’s next. An anniversary can be a powerful catalyst to inspire transformation, impelling you to engage your entire organization, customers and partners in a bold plan to move forward.

Time is your greatest asset, start early. Successful campaigns are typically planned starting 2-3 years out and engage a diverse group of cross functional leaders in the conversation. Begin early to allow ample time to research, share opinions, ask questions and analyze alternatives. Take time to craft your story, if you don’t someone else will and it may not be the story you want to tell. Make your anniversary matter to those who matter most. Thoughtful planning can yield unprecedented press and engagement by shining a bright light on your purpose, your people and your future.

Milestone celebrations have an inspiring way of summoning the best from people. Be bold with your intentions, enjoy the process and revel in the outcome during your anniversary year and beyond!

Warm regards,

Lisa Alonge
Anniversary University