Interviews with executives from more than 130 leading organizations
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“To avoid missed opportunities make sure planning includes cross functional management from key regions. Very important that the anniversary be an inclusive and collaborative process across the enterprise.” Bayer

“I took control of the anniversary 2 years prior and it was very hard to find the right executives to speak with for quality benchmark information. We hadn’t done an anniversary before To have someone facilitate these conversations would have been invaluable.” Steelcase

“Returning to our roots with a willingness to reinvent and innovate was the change agent for our anniversary. I morphed from VP COCOM to Chief Transformation Officer!” 7-Eleven

"Prepare for a certain amount of backlash or attempt to criticize your celebration by being open, transparent and collaborative with all partners inside and outside the company.” Saint-Gobain

“I wasted a lot of time in the beginning focusing on tactics. What became very clear was the imperative to start with strategy.” The Rockefeller Foundation

“What we know now is that a significant milestone inspires employees and customers to embrace a grand purpose.” Citi

“Make sure your plate is clear to handle the anniversary” Eaton Corp

“I wish we started thinking about the charitable giving piece much sooner. We didn’t know what to do and needed help earlier on.” Time Inc.

“We were surprised at the level of interest from the media. It would have been more effective to be proactive.”Walmart

“Inviting customers to share stories and photos relating to IBM innovations that shapes a century, produced unprecedented social media.” IBM

“Anniversaries are a perfect time to reflect about your organization’s purpose and to think creatively about how it should move forward. What aspects need to shift? What values should never change?” IDEO

“When we began planning, we didn’t realize how positively all our stakeholders would respond. Had we known this ahead we may have planned to do even more to enable momentum.” Steelcase