The Comprehensive Playbook Has Arrived!

Lisa Alonge’s book is an essential resource for every aspect of planning and implementing a successful anniversary program. Having all of the considerations and examples in this playbook will save you time and ensure your anniversary program exceeds stakeholders' expectations.
                - KAREN KOZAK, former VP Global Brand, Cargill, 150th Anniversary lead


Whether you’re marking your twenty-fifth year in business, a bicentennial, or anything in between, anniversaries offer an opportunity to pause and reflect on all you have accomplished and forge a path to where you want to take your organization next. Leaders, communicators, and marketers around the world have successfully and seamlessly integrated milestone anniversaries into their growth plans. Now it’s your turn.

Lisa Alonge, Founder of Anniversary University®, has interviewed hundreds of executives over the years who’ve led milestone anniversaries and now she’s sharing all she’s learned with those who need it most. Read what your peers have to say below.

The Playbook has everything you need to design a compelling, comprehensive strategy to recognize a milestone anniversary for your organization, regardless of the sector, no matter how large or small, global or local, big budget or none. The advice and tools in this playbook will help you organize, strategize, design, and implement an anniversary campaign that will have a positive impact on all your stakeholders while saving you time, money, and stress.

Each section has illustrated examples, data, videos, customizable worksheets, sample charts and more.


1. Your Milestone Anniversary
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

2. “The Anniversary Effect”
Inspiring the best in people to take your plans to the next level

3. Finding Your Purpose, A Pillar of Your Anniversary
Use your anniversary for societal good, to help others and support communities

4. Measurement and Outcomes
Anniversaries do “real work”

5. Assembling the Team to Plan the Work and Work the Plan
Essential guiding principles to start planning at the right time with the right people aligned in harmony

6. Engaging Your CEO or President
Clear buy-in from the C-suite is an imperative to turn anniversary strategy into reality

7. Strategy First and Always
Like any good planner, you must know where you are going or you won’t get there

8. Tactics and Activities
Ideas to get your juices flowing

9. Crafting Your Story
The past is a powerful source of information and insight into your present and future story

10. Budgeting
What is the appropriate budget to accomplish your goals

11. Transformational
Anniversaries can be a catalyst for change

12. In Summary – The Top 21 Must Do’s
Keep this list by your side, as your guidepost

13. Quick Access
Links to videos, worksheets, case studies, articles, executive Q&A and more…


Finally, the most informed and well-versed expert on milestone anniversaries shares her wisdom and practical means to master the challenge. Lisa Alonge has been a source of inspiration for so many anniversary projects and this playbook is the killer app to embrace your milestone moment together with your leadership and organization. I wish I had such an incredible resource at my fingertips when I was planning my organization's anniversary. This is so much more than a list of benchmarks. Milestone Anniversary Planning provides a structure and the tools you need (and didn't even know you need) to create a successful, once-time program.
- MICHAEL MERK, Director Corporate Communications, Steelcase, 100th Anniversary lead

Milestone Anniversary Planning is an exceptional handbook that every communications, marketing and other cross-functional leaders on an anniversary planning team must read. You have to know where you’re headed or you won’t get there. This book will get you there, faster and smarter!
- DAN HASLER, EVP Communications. Purdue University, 150th, Anniversary lead

Until now, there hasn’t been an anniversary planning manual. Milestone Anniversary Planning is thorough and should be mandatory reading for anyone charged with this exciting, once-in-a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the past and propel your organization toward the future. Keep Lisa Alonge’s book handy as your directional guide.
                - KEVIN BISHOP, VP Worldwide Brand System, IBM, Centennial lead

I highly recommend Milestone Anniversary Planning! Lisa Alonge has developed an indispensable guidebook with rich, comprehensive tools to help conceptualize and implement an impactful anniversary commemoration. She offers important insights across every stage of planning, along with extensive companion resources through Anniversary University, including The Anniversary Forum, one-on-one conversations with milestone masters, quarterly gatherings, and a robust library of video case studies. This playbook is truly an immeasurable asset in planning an extraordinary, meaningful anniversary.
- KARI EVANS, Bicentennial Executive Director, University of Virginia

If you’re looking to deliver a meaningful, memorable, milestone anniversary, then this book is for you! Packed with invaluable tips, thoughtful guidance, and expert strategies, Milestone Anniversary Planning will save you time and money and give you a significant advantage during your planning process.
- SHELLIE M. FREY, Chief Communications Officer, Golden State Foods, 75th Anniversary lead

For anyone embarking on the mission to create a year-long anniversary program worthy of your institution, the Milestone Anniversary Planning book will help you master the moment and understand the enormous opportunities. Lisa Alonge has studied best practice strategies and tactics for years and shares her valuable insights and planning tools gleaned from top organizations.
               - MEG LAUERMAN, Co-chair, 150th Anniversary, University of Nebraska-Lincoln