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Edward J. (Ted) Ryan
Dir., Heritage Comm
The Coca-Cola Co.

The Strategic Value of the Corporate Anniversary

Being part of the lead team for an anniversary is an honor and a rare privilege. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have participated in two major anniversaries; the 125th Anniversary of the Coca-Cola brand and, most recently, the 100th Anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle, one of the worlds’ best known icons.

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Jonathan Woodier
Formerly, VP Global Brand

Learn three building blocks essential for sustainable success.

On June 12, 2012, global banking giant Citigroup celebrated its 200th birthday. A remarkable anniversary for any company, but in the wake of the Great Banking Crisis of 2008-2009, and after becoming the recipient of massive public support, it was clear that just throwing a good party was not enough.

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Robin C. Rotenberg
Vice President and COO
BASF Corporation

Contributing to a Sustainable Future for 150 Years and Beyond

Robin Rotenberg led the BASF 150th Anniversary campaign in North America and collaborated with the global team to define the deep strategic intent of the anniversary. What emerged was Creator Space, a program which connected people and ideas around the globe to co-create solutions for challenges related to energy, food and urban living.

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David French
SVP Marketing
National Park Foundation

Leveraging a Moment to Ignite a Movement: The National Park Service Centennial

More than a moment to celebrate, anniversaries can be catalyst for change. At their best — they ignite a movement.

Since 2010, David French has led the National Park Service’s centennial initiative “Find Your Park/Encuentra To Parque.”

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Monica Marshall
Senior VP Corp. Practice
Ketchum New York

A License to be Bold

It is by accident of birth that we are not one of the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty, 2.5 billion people without access to proper sanitation, 1 billion people who go to be hungry every night or one of the 200 million people who don’t have a job.

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Michael Schubert
Chief Innovation Officer
Ruder Finn

Turning Anniversaries into Movements: for the people, by the people

An anniversary is a time to reflect, on where we’ve been and on where we’re going. It’s an opportunity for employees and customers alike to reconnect with a company’s essential purpose, while inspiring new direction and energy for the future.

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Previous Workshop Presentations


Practical Tools To Plan An Anniversary Strategically and Execute It Flawlessly

Workshops Presented by:
Keith Yamashita | Chairman & Founder
Nicolas Maitret | Principal
Sabrina Clark | Managing Project Manager

Workshop 1

Crafting Your Story
Create a story that is both true to the character of your organization and deeply relevant to your constituents.

Explore how to:
+ Create a narrative frame
+ Understand your past
+ Envision your future

Workshop 2

Shaping Your Strategy
Design your anniversary to drive the right business outcomes for the constituents who matter most to you.

Explore how to:
+ Identify key constituents
+ Define business outcomes per constituent
+ Shift constituents’ beliefs

Workshop 3

Building Your Plan
Build the experiences that will transform your organization, and manage the program so it achieves all you want to do.

Explore how to:
+ Map the emotional arc of the year
+ Plan the right deployment and engagement tactics
+ Build a multidisciplinary team
+ Maximize ROI

Diana Rhoten
Managing Director

Workshop 1
Looking Back: Returning to “Why?”

In his TEDx talk, Simon Sinek tells us “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” When we return to ‘why’ we were founded, it can help us re-center on a sense of purpose and re-imagine it today. If we were founded with the same purpose today, what would we do? How would we do it?. In this working session, participants will workshop this question in small groups with each other, helping one another clarify a founding purpose and explore all that it could inspire today.

Hailey Brewer

Workshop 2
Looking Forward: Envisioning the next 25 / 50 / 100 years through Design Fiction

What kinds of experiences could we enable or create for people in the future? Design fiction helps us weave together our hunches for the future of our brand, business, and significance, into a cohesive narrative. Far from a ‘plan’ these design fictions are provocations and prototypes that invite other people into the conversation and help advance a shared 3D vision for the future. In this session, we’ll share some inspiration and prompts to help you craft your own design fiction and help others do the same.