2019 - Previous Speaker Presentations

(2020 speakers to-be-announced)

Heather Malenshek
SVP Marketing & Brand
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Finding the Authentic Purpose of Your Anniversary

Join Heather Malenshek, Harley-Davidson’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand, for an informative and engaging discussion on what it takes to succeed at delivering an anniversary celebration for one the world’s most iconic brands.

Heather will share how Harley-Davidson’s authentic purpose is the driving force behind the event’s execution and how its 115th Anniversary broke the mold from its previous celebrations.

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Kevin Bishop
Formerly, VP Global Brand Systems

Demonstrating Effective Anniversary Planning Principles

In this session Kevin Bishop, who is a Milestone Master with Anniversary University™, leads attendees through a structured dialogue to reveal the priorities, strategies, planning approaches, and anxieties that face anniversary leaders.

This highly interactive session will address critical topics such as purpose, audience, outcomes, investments, and organization, with organizations who are currently at different stages of development and execution of their anniversary plans.

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Kari S. Evans
Ex. Dir. Bicentennial
University of Virginia

Planning for UVA’s Bicentennial: How to Commemorate the Past and Envision the Future Without Missing a Step?

Kari will guide attendees through the steps needed to successfully take advantage of a pivotal milestone moment for an institution.

She’ll share the challenges and lessons learned, as well as the highlights and accomplishments, from UVA’s bicentennial commemoration.

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Karen Kozak
VP Global Brand

Engaging Stakeholders through Effective Storytelling

How does the largest privately-held company in the U.S. -- which is largely unknown outside of the food and agriculture industry -- tell its story to a global audience?

By leveraging a significant milestone and a newly launched brand system to demonstrate how they’ve been helping the world thrive for 150 years.

Learn how Cargill used its 150th Anniversary to bridge their proud past to an even brighter future by sharing stories of how they’ve been helping their stakeholders achieve success.

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Matt Weismantel
Formerly, Sr. Dir. COMM's
Rutgers University

How To Successfully Manage Anniversary Planning

In 2016 Matt Weismantel led Rutgers 250th Anniversary to great success. President Obama was the 250th Anniversary commencement speaker and the campaign received numerous accolades, including 26 Pinnacle awards and 15 Gold Awards from the International Festival and Events Association.

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Lisa Alonge Anniversary University The Corporate Anniversary ForumLisa Alonge
Anniversay University®

Making Milestones Matter
To Those Who Matter Most

You’ve been invited to attend The Anniversary Forum because your institution is coming upon a significant milestone and you’re helping lead this effort, which is a rare privilege and responsibility.

Your peers say that leading an anniversary enabled some of their proudest work and was a once-in-a-career opportunity. Consider yourself fortunate, this is going to be a fascinating ride – this will not be business as usual.

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Michael Merk, CCO designvox
Formerly, Director of Comms.

To Make Sure Your Anniversary has a Sustainable Impact, Start with The Question WHY.

100 Dreams. 100 Minds. 100 Years. The Steelcase Centennial theme inspired curiosity about its own culture, the world, and the bright future for Steelcase.

Michael Merk led the Centennial project and shares how an anniversary is an incredible boost to your company’s strategic direction and how important it was to begin with the “think” phase.

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Philippe Bergeron

3D Projection Mapping for Milestone Anniversaries

Philippe Bergeron is Founder and CEO of PaintScaping, the world’s leader in 3D projection mapping.

Projection mapping is a rapidly-growing art form that turns buildings, landscapes and even human faces into otherworldly interactive displays.

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Doug Simon
D S Simon Media

Incorporating Effective Video Strategy into Your Anniversary Planning

The increased power of video across all platforms means that you limit the success of your anniversary campaign if you don’t maximize the effectiveness of your video strategy.

This panel will help you get there. Important questions will be discussed including: How to create different types of video needed for campaign success? How video strategy and campaign strategy work together?

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 Anne Keenan
Head of Strategy & Partnerships

Using the Power of Purpose to Build Participation In Your Anniversary Campaign.

How do we best connect our anniversary with a higher, community or public cause? How can our work to drive social impact be authentic, powerful, and effective? How do we best engage our constituencies with our work or campaign?

Whether you are a non-profit telling the story of years of work, a university articulating the impact you’ve had, or a corporation looking to stand out from the landscape, your anniversary is the perfect moment to define, share, and live your organizational purpose.

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