Anniversary Planning Video Library

Case Studies Presented by Milestone Masters

Please Note: The Anniversary Forum March 30, 2020 is being rescheduled as a virtual event, which many have requested. We are working on this now and will give ample notice regarding the date and other details. For those who already registered and those who will, we’ll be providing complimentary access to the Anniversary Planning Video Library to compensate for moving the live event to a virtual one.

The Anniversary Planning Video Library is an exceptional resource and the only one available.

The in-depth hour-long video presentations feature senior communications, marketing and brand executives who led complex year-long award-winning campaigns for some of the most notable organizations. The library will continue to grow. What you learn from the Milestone Masters will accelerate planning, optimize outcomes and save time, money, and stress for the entire anniversary planning team.

If you’re wondering how and when to begin planning, you’re not alone. For 90% of executives this is uncharted territory, and most are perplexed with how to begin.(read common questions)

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel!

Learning best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and viewing planning documents is an essential first step. The value of what you’ll learn cannot be overstated.

  • The planning framework is flexible and transferable to organizations of all sizes and industry sectors.
  • Corporations, higher-education institutions and leading non-profits have their unique culture, goals and aspirations for their anniversary; however, planning principles are similar.
  • Providing the opportunity for multiple leaders to access the video library will help tremendously with aligning leadership.

Milestone Masters - Video Library

Ted Ryan
Former, Dir., Heritage Comm
100th Anniversary of iconic bottle
125th Anniversary of Coca-Cola

Karen Kozak
VP Global Brand, Cargill
Cargill 150th Anniversary

kevin-bishop ibmKevin Bishop
Former, VP Global Brand, IBM
IBM Centennial

Heather Malenshek SVP Marketing & Brand Harley DavidsonHeather Malenshek
CMO. Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary

David French Former, SVP Marketing National Park FoundationDavid French
Former, SVP Marketing
National Park Foundation Centennial

Robin_Rotenberg-BASFlRobin C. Rotenberg
Vice President & COO, BASF
BASF 150th Anniversary

Jonathan Woodier Former, VP Global Brand CitigroupJonathan Woodier
Former, VP Global Brand, Citigroup
Citi 200th Anniversary

Michael Merk Former, Director of Communications SteelcaseMichael Merk
Former, Dir. of Comm., Steelcase
Steelcase 100th Anniversary

Carmen Ferrigno VP Communications Saint-GobainCarmen Ferrigno
VP Comms., Saint-Gobain
Saint-Gobain 350th Anniversary

Anniversary Guiding Principles
Panel Discussion

Kevin Bishop, led IBM Centennial
Emily Gonce
New York Life 175th Anniversary
Melissa Gray
Avnet 100th Anniversary

Video Library Registration

  • $425 per person/year
  • Complimentary access for registrants of The Anniversary Forum
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  • Note: Access given only to organizations having an anniversary

Milestone Masters Understand Your Challenges and Opportunities, Inside and Out.

Speaker Insights

         Common Questions Answered by Milestone Masters

  1. When to start, how much time will it take, and what’s the planning cycle?
  2. How to establish the organizing structure and get leadership buy in?
  3. How to measure the impact of the campaign?
  4. What are some of the leading-edge creative ideas for tactics and activities?
  5. How to create a successful campaign with limited staff and budget?
  6. How to tie anniversary into existing business objectives?
  7. What are the lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid?
  8. How to engage traditional and social media?
  9. What are the best ways to mine history for content and storytelling?
  10. How to uncover its’ purpose and use it as a pillar of the campaign?
  11. How to empower regions to celebrate in a consistent yet locally relevant way?

Milestone Masters are available to conduct Anniversary Visioning Workshops with your planning team.
Contact Us for information.