Your Definitive Playbook for Anniversary Planning

This resource is a game-changer! It’s not just a list of benchmarks; it’s the proven structure and tools you didn’t realize you needed to tackle planning an unforgettable one-time anniversary.

VP Communications, 100th Anniversary lead Steelcase

About The Playbook

Milestone Anniversary Planning is authored by Lisa Alonge, Founder of Anniversary University. This comprehensive playbook offers a detailed roadmap applicable to all organizations, whether it’s for your 25th, 50th, 100th anniversary or beyond. Each chapter includes case studies, strategies, tactical ideas, downloadable worksheets, customizable planning documents and more.


  1. Your Milestone Anniversary
    A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  2. “The Anniversary Effect”
    Inspiring the best in people to take your plans to the next level.
  3. Finding Your Purpose
    Use your anniversary for societal good and to support communities.
  4. Measurement and Outcomes
    Anniversaries do “real work”.
  5. Assembling the Planning Team
    Guiding principles to plan at the right time, with the right people aligned in harmony.
  6. Engaging the CEO
    Securing crucial buy-in for turning anniversary strategy into reality.
  7. Strategy First and Always
    Charting a course for a successful anniversary.
  8. Tactics and Activities
    Creative ideas to get your juices flowing.
  9. Crafting Your Story
    Harness the past to tell your present and future story.
  10. Budgeting
    Determine the appropriate investment to accomplish your goals.
  11. Transformational
    Anniversaries can be a catalyst for change.
  12. Summary
    The Top 21 Must Do’s: Your essential guidepost throughout planning.
  13. Quick Access
    Links to videos, worksheets, case studies, articles, and more…

Playbook Pages – Examples

Peer Reviews

This is an exceptional handbook that every cross-functional leader on a planning team must read! Lisa’s book will help you develop a strategic plan and get you there faster and smarter.

VP Communications
150th Anniversary lead
Purdue University

Finally, the most informed expert on milestone anniversaries shares all she knows to master the challenge. This is so much more than benchmarks; it provides structure and the tools you need to create a successful, one-time program.  

Director Corporate Communications
Centennial lead

I highly recommend Milestone Anniversary Planning, a playbook with comprehensive tools to help conceptualize and implement an impactful anniversary. Lisa’s book is an invaluable asset for all planning stages!

Executive Director Bicentennial
University of Virginia

Until now, there’s been no anniversary planning manual. This comprehensive playbook should be mandatory for anyone charged with helping lead a milestone anniversary. Keep Lisa Alonge’s book handy as your directional guide for success.

Former VP IBM Worldwide Brand System
Centennial lead