Dear Leader,

It is with great anticipation and pleasure that I’m sending you the inaugural Anniversary University® newsletter.

You’ve been selectively chosen to receive the Compass Points newsletter because you are part of the team handed the privilege and responsibility to help lead the milestone anniversary for your organization. That you’re in a position of leadership at a time when an organization is coming upon a milestone anniversary is a rare occurrence. Consider yourself fortunate!

Your peers, who recently led exceptional anniversary campaigns, overwhelmingly say their experience was a “once-in-a-career opportunity.” I believe this is because the anniversary inspired them to lead boldly to help shape the future of their organization. Buckle up, you’re in for a challenging and rewarding experience that will not be business as usual.

With football season upon us, we thought it would be apropos to kick-off with an article on the planning of the Green Bay Packers 100th Anniversary.

If you’re wondering how and when to begin the planning, you’re not alone. From hundreds of interviews over many years, we know that for 90% of executives planning a milestone anniversary, it’s uncharted territory. Even with broad experience overseeing complex projects, many were perplexed with where to begin.

We titled the newsletter Compass Points because your peers, who we call Milestone Masters, are like a compass pointing you in the direction of a planning process that will yield results beyond what you may imagine.

Each issue will feature case studies written by senior executives in marketing, communications, and brand for iconic corporations, leading non-profits and higher-education institutions. We’ll always keep you updated on The Anniversary Forum, widely regarded as the must attend Master Class for those in the early phase of planning. Please send us your feedback so we may continually add value with each issue. It is through your questions, requests and ideas that we all learn.

Lisa Alonge