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Anniversary University provides you with best-practice planning strategies to craft a powerful anniversary program.

What is Anniversary University?

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Milestone Anniversaries Are Complex to Plan

The stakes are huge! I’ve only got one chance to get this right!

Where do I begin? What
are the best practices?

How do I lead this AND handle my day-to-day responsibilities?

If you have some of these thoughts, you’re not alone!

Navigating the planning of a milestone anniversary is daunting. Even seasoned marketing, communications, and brand professionals need help with where to begin.

If you’re like most, you feel honored to help lead this historic occasion yet challenged by the responsibility and the time it will take. You recognize it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; everyone will be watching, and expectations are high. You have one chance to get this right!

Although there’s a unique opportunity to help boldly shape the future of the organization, it’s tempting to delay getting started because you’ve never led an anniversary before, and very likely no one on the team has either.

If you feel overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Anniversary University!

AU is where organizations come to get the essential resources to plan an impactful anniversary, regardless of sector, size, or budget, whether it’s a month-long celebration or a year-long campaign.

SAVE Time & Money and Avoid Stress

UNCOVER Best Processes & Practices

LEVERAGE History to Propel Forward

What’s in the AU Planning Curriculum?

Enroll in AU and your core team will have access to 4 vital planning resources: planning playbook, milestone master video library, live Forum, and consultation. Each resource enhances the other.

AU is the ultimate planning hub, providing the strategic framework and practical planning approach. The best practices, comprehensive planning tools, and expert guidance will fast-track and enhance your planning journey to ensure an an outcome worthy of your anniversary.

Your Membership Includes Access To These 4 Essential Resources

1. Planning Playbook

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left;u0022u003eu003cemu003eu003cstrongu003eMilestone Anniversary Planningu003c/strongu003eu003c/emu003e is the step-by-step manual guiding you through every stage of planning. It is a hardcover and e-book with downloadable documents, case studies, videos, articles, worksheets and more.u003c/pu003e

2. The Anniversary Forum

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left;u0022u003eAttend the masterclass with Milestone Masters™ to learn strategies, insights, lessons, and practical and creative ideas. 2024 date TBDu003c/pu003ernu0026nbsp;rnrnu0026nbsp;

3. Video Library

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left;u0022u003eLearn from over 30 in-depth best practices from previous Forums presented by senior executives from iconic organizations, institutions, and brands.u003c/pu003ernu0026nbsp;rnrnu0026nbsp;

4. Consultation

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left;u0022u003eLisa Alonge, Founder of Anniversary University and Author of u003cemu003eMilestone Anniversary Planningu003c/emu003e is your dedicated anniversary coach providing strategic advice, tactical ideas, and access to her vast network.u003c/pu003e


u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eAnniversary University is the ideal masterclass for planners seeking to deliver a meaningful, memorable celebration. AU will save you time, money, and stress! A significant advantage during your planning process.u003c/pu003e

Shellie Frey

Chief Branding u0026amp; Communications Officerrn75th Anniversary leadrnGolden State Foods

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eLisa Alonge understands the real purpose of an anniversary.u003c/pu003e

Kevin Bishop

Head of Global Brand and Centennial leadrnIBM

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eMilestone Anniversary Planning is an exceptional handbook that every cross-functional leader on the team must read! Lisa’s book will help you develop a sound strategic plan and get you there faster and smarter.u003c/pu003e

Dan Hasler

EVP Communications and 150th Anniversary leadrnPurdue University

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eLearning from other’s experiences at The Anniversary Forum is invaluable! Gaining knowledge before an intensive process like this pays dividends, allows you to avoid costly mistakes, and advance your ideas further.u003c/pu003e

David French

SVP Marketing and Centennial leadrnNational Park Foundation

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eOur thanks to Lisa and her crew for a valuable Anniversary Visioning Workshop, which opened our eyes to the unique possibilities for our 50th Anniversary and helped us align our thinking. We had no idea this resource existed!u003c/pu003e

Senior Managing Director and 50th Anniversary leadrnSouthwest Airlines

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eI devoured the playbook and cited it over 30 times in our Centennial strategic planning meeting with our CEO.u003c/pu003e

Laura Hollingsworth

CMO and 100th Anniversary leadrnOpry Entertainment

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eAttending The Anniversary Forum is essential for learning how to leverage your anniversary regardless of the industry or stage in the planning process.u003c/pu003e

Steven Stout

Chief of StaffrnDePaul University

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eFinally, the most informed expert on anniversaries shares all she knows to master the challenge. Lisa’s playbook is a game changer, so much more than benchmarks. It has proven structures and tools to create a successful, one-time program.u003c/pu003e

Michael Merk

Director Corporate Communications and Centennial leadrnSteelcase

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eThe Anniversary Forum was time very well spent. It helped us u0022look around the corneru0022 and shift mindset to u0022it’s much more than a party.u0022 Collaborating with others was invaluable.u003c/pu003e

Kristin Calcagno

Director Corporate and Employee CommunicationsrnCharles Schwab

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003ePartnering with Anniversary University®️ was an exceptional experience! They skillfully designed and conducted a workshop for our 250th Anniversary. Their knowledge with planning anniversaries was extremely valuable.u003c/pu003e

Paul Patrick

Chief Financial OfficerrnCollege of Charleston

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eLisa Alonge was a godsend as we began planning for our 100th Anniversary. She inspired us to “think big” and “lean in” with confidence. Her connections to vendors were invaluable. More than that, Lisa’s fun and just the right “coach” I needed.u003c/pu003e

Tammy Robbins

Sr Dir. Marketing Communications and Centennial leadrnShriners Children’s

u003cp style=u0022text-align: left; font-family: Proxima Nova light !important;u0022u003eThe Anniversary Forum exceeded our expectations by exposing us to valuable insights and great connections. We took away actionable plans and strategies to implement.u003c/pu003e

Eric Haman

Director Global CommunicationsrnWest Pharmaceuticals

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